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Forgive me skin, for I have sinned......

Forgive me skin, for I have sinned......

We are all guilty sometimes of not treating our skin the way it should be. Wearing makeup to bed, not cleansing effectively or forgoing sun protection. I’ve done all three in the past and to be honest have only this year begun to wear an SPF everyday!

My obsession with skincare started as a teenager, when diagnosed in a magazine quiz that I had an oily T-zone, set off to buy my first products. Over the years, my skin type has changed and now I have predominantly dry skin. But how do we treat our skin on a day-to-day basis? My skin feels at its best when I have a great morning and evening routine. I do try to stick to this religiously as I hate the feeling of dry, tight skin and notice it particularly during harsh, cold
weather conditions.

  1. Cleanse the skin - in the morning I tend to use a cleansing cream or wash, rinse off with a warm, wet flannel and pat my face dry immediately. At night I double cleanse, that is, I use a wet flannel or cleansing mitt to remove any make-up and then I use a cleansing product to really clean the skin (I do love a product!)

  2. Apply moisturiser of choice - you want something that feels hydrating and doesn’t leave the skin too greasy.

  3. Apply SPF - this is so important and I wish I had been doing this years ago. It is the number one for anti-aging

  4. At night after cleansing, I use a glycolic acid product three nights per week and alternate this with a good nourishing night cream on the other nights.

Tips for healthy skin

The skin is an organ and as such needs the same requirements as other bodily systems to keep it healthy;

Water - we are often recommended to drink 2 litres of water per day but only a minimal amount of this reaches the skin, therefore if you have dehydrated skin increase fluid intake. 

Eat healthy foods - skin boosting foods include fruit, vegetables, fish and nuts due to their nourishing vitamins and oils.

Sunscreen - this is so important to prevent burning and aging. There is also evidence that protection against blue light from mobiles and screens is going to be needed in the future.

Stop smoking - many of the chemicals in tobacco smoke damage collagen and elastin (scaffolding) in the skin

Checking your skin - new moles or changes in existing moles should be seen by a health professional

An odd slip from the routine is not going to be damaging, as the skin is constantly regenerating from the inside out. But as we get older it is more important to look after our skin and nourish it to compensate from the inevitable loss of collagen and elastin. Getting into the habit of cleansing and using appropriate skincare products can delay the signs of skin aging.

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