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How to instantly revive your skin? Just mask!
dermatologist tested

How to instantly revive your skin? Just mask!

The past couple of years have seen a revolution in the re-emergence of face masks. No longer the drying (clay), peeling (stripping!) types but sheet masks infused with hydrating, nourishing, high-quality ingredients. So how much benefit are they in terms of improving your skin and do we really need them in our routine?

Seoulista Beauty Instant Facials are our number one brand of masks here at Tonic. Developed (by dermatologists) with the inspiration of the flawless skin possessed by women of South Korea, Seoulista uses high-quality natural ingredients to deeply nourish the skin. The benefits differ depending on which facial you choose but the masks themselves are made from naturally derived coconut and are biodegradable!

Contains witch hazel & eucalyptus to reduce minor breakouts, irritation and redness
Cools, hydrates and balances skin
Helps to minimise pores


Contains Vitamin C and AHA's

Hydrates & exfoliates

Fade & repairs dark spots & pigmentation

Corrects & brightens skin tone

Contains charcoal & volcanic ash
Removes toxins & impurities
Deep cleanses & hydrates
Helps to refine skin & minimise pore size


Contains hyaluronic acid
Intensely hydrating & instantly plumping
Defends against ageing
Improves skin elasticity, smoothness & radiance

What I like about these masks is they are infused with so much serum, you actually have a few days worth left over to use. They work within 20 minutes and you can sit back, relax and enjoy being pampered from the comfort of your own home. Whilst it is lovely to get out for a facial, I think this is the next best thing as it is affordable and you can apply whenever it suits as part of your skincare routine. Is is a necessity? I think yes! How often do we get to zone out and do something nice for ourselves and our skin?

The brand have also brought out Rosy Hands & Rosy Toes... another pampering treat, this time for our hardworking hands and forgotten feet. Perfect spa treatments at home!


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Michelle x

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