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Why double cleanse?

Why double cleanse?

Is double cleansing just another skincare fad or does it have credibility?

It's like the analogy of doing the dishes... before getting the plates anywhere near the Fairy-infused water, scraping off the food leftovers is usually the first step. Your skin needs this same step. Using a lovely (perhaps expensive!) cleanser without initially removing makeup and environmental impurities accumulated throughout the day, negates the effectiveness of your cleanser.


You want your cleanser to clean your actual skin surface and not just remove the sweat and oils that maybe present when you wake in the morning or the daily residue still present from your foundation in the evening. 


So essentially to double cleanse just means removal of anything on top of your skin first and then proceed with your favourite skin-friendly cleanser. For the first step you don't necessarily need a specially designed product but perhaps a oil-based cleanser if there is a lot of make-up. Micellar water on a cotton pad can also remove make-up as an initial step in cleansing shop here



To keep it really simple (and therefore more likely to implement) you can use a cloth. Traditional cotton face cloths or flannels will do an effective job, just make sure to use a fresh one each day. Most household-type shops sell them in multipacks (if you prefer to use a microfibre one though I highly recommend the Cleanse Off Mitt by The Skin Nerd shop here). Simply soak the face cloth in lukewarm water and gently rub over the face to remove all traces of product and surface grime. Once this is achieved, you are good to go with your cleanser of choice. 


For cleansing, whichever type you use, always follow the pack instructions. Take time to apply and massage into the skin so you are getting the full benefit of the active ingredients. Make sure to dry your skin well before applying your usual serums, moisturisers or oils. You may find your moisturising products will work better too on freshly cleansed skin as they are not competing with anything else to deliver their beneficial properties where needed.


One tip I found for evening cleansing is to not put off starting it until last thing before going to bed. Try to start your routine as early as possible because when too tired it can seem like a huge task and easier to skimp the necessary steps and time.



 Michelle x

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